Monday, July 9, 2012

Old Married People

Hi friend,

It's been a while.  You see, when I get busy (which, if you're read my 3 other posts, you realize happens often) I prioritize and the blog is one of the first things to go.  But now I'm on summer break, heading in to my last week of grad school for the summer, and am back from vacation.  Likely, there will be another post (or two!!) coming your way soon.

The real reason I'm writing (albeit an hour or so too late) is because it's my anniversary.  

You see, at some point in the previous millennium I met this guy.  We started "hanging out" in October of our freshman year of college, although our first real date wasn't until November 20.  
First date photo. I think he enjoyed my sparkling personality.  And also my sparkling boobs.
Somehow we survived four years in college together.  After 4 1/2 years together we finally got engaged, and 17 months after that we finally got married.  
This was probably at the exact moment the pastor went on a tangent about spousal abuse ("knockin' each other around") and divorce during the ceremony.
It actually was kind of funny.
Or maybe you just had to be there.

That day we got married?  It was already 7 years ago.

Let me tell you, Mr. Toad's got nothing on this Wild Ride.  I've written a little bit about the ups and downs we've had along the way.  But here we are, still laughing and joking and quoting movies and being silly, 7 years later.  

Don't get me wrong, it's not all sunshine and roses.  We bicker like old married people.  He gets irritated that I don't keep the coffee table tidy and I get irritated that he throws my salad dressing away and moves my shoes.  But then one of the dogs farts or a movie we love comes on and we forget about why we were arguing.  And then we laugh when we see our couple friends bickering like old married people like us as well.  
Not-so-glamour shot - Eating our anniversary dinner on the deck - July 9, 2012
Personally, I think that being old married people is a pretty awesome thing. 

I love you, babe, and I'm so grateful to have you in my life.  Here's to many more years of eating, drinking, laughing, bickering, being silly, and continuing to grow old together.