Monday, May 14, 2012

Curbside Cookoff: Trucko de Mayo... Part 1

A little over a week ago, Duff Man & I met up with some friends down at RFK stadium for Curbside Cookoff: Trucko de Mayo.  The event promised over 40 food trucks, music, beer, and more.  

All this AND free Sombreros, courtesy of D.C. United!
General overview of the event: 
The good: Great site, free parking (and metro accessible), traffic police to ensure you didn't get run down by stray food trucks,  great selection, generally short lines (with a few exceptions), lots of seating, no entry fee.
The bad: lousy music, HUGE lines for a few trucks, not much to do other than eat.  Then again, maybe that's a pro.

Through the course of the day, we tried food from about 6 different trucks.

We started at Big Cheese, which offers gourmet grilled cheese made from all-natural ingredients (and tomato soup too, if that's your thing.)

Between our group of friends, we tried the following ($6.50 each):

  • Mt. Fuji:  MT Tam brie, fuji apple, honey on multigrain
  • Midnight Moon:  goat gouda, caramelized onions on multigrain
  • Thrilled Cheese: chipotle cheddar, jalapeño, guacamole on sourdough
I wasn't a huge fan of the Thrilled Cheese--I thought the spice overpowered the flavor of the cheese--but Duff Man loved it.  Other than that, the Mt. Fuji and the Midnight Moon were both winners (and I'm not a big goat cheese fan.)  All of us agreed that the bread was amazing on all of our sandwiches.

After we finished our sandwiches, we headed to a barbecue truck (which he seemed to enjoy, but I didn't pay attention to because I'm not a big barbecue fan) and then headed to the real reason I wanted to go to this event.

Pepe is the food truck run by Jose Andres, D.C. chef and entrepreneur.  The reviews I've read have been nothing but good and I was excited to try it out.

Pepe makes "flautas"--delicious sandwiches on long, narrow rolls.  Duff Man & I tried the Jamon Serrano y Queso Manchego (Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese with olive oil) flauta, while other folks in our group got the Butifarra "Burger" (Spanish pork burger with alioli and brava sauce).  Both sandwiches were delicious; simple, but clearly made with high quality ingredients.  The flautas cost about $10 each--which I thought was worth it, based on the quality.

Parked next to Pepe was Fojol Brothers of Merlindia: A Traveling Culinary Carnival.  It's like a circus car and lunch all in one!

You could get full-size food offerings, but I really liked the fact that you could buy a $2.00 "Dingo Bite" if all you wanted was a little taste--which is what we did.  Duff Man got a Dingo Bite of Butter Chicken over Basmati Rice, while another friend got the Spinach & Cheese (also over Basmati Rice) with a Mango "Lossipop" popsicle.

Screen Glare = Bad photo.  Sorry!
The Butter Chicken was good, but nothing outstanding--just your typical offering you'd get at your favorite local Indian take-out restaurant.  My friend enjoyed her Spinach & Cheese, but RAVED about the Mango Lossipop for another hour.  If I was near Fojol Brothers, I'd definitely eat it again--but I'm not sure that I'd stand in a long line or go out of my way to track it down.

That's definitely long enough for one post.  I'll cover the rest of the trucks we hit up tomorrow!

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