Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Friday Facts

1.  I had a whole post planned out in my head yesterday and never found time to write it.  It was going to be called "Hips Don't Lie, but Glutes are Deceptive Motherf&*#ers."  

2.  Said post was going to be about the fact that, on my left side, I am physically unable to go from a runner's lunge to anjaneyasana (high lunge).  I thought it was due to a problem with my hips, but thanks to an amazing Yoga I class with Padma yesterday I think I've figured out that a weak left gluteus medius is to blame.  

3.  I packed breakfast and lunch for myself--and actually at them--this whole week.  This is a big deal to me.

4.  I am not sure my marriage and/or sanity (what little of it I have, at least) are going to survive this basement renovation.

5.  I think that the things my students notice are funny--like the fact that I'm wearing green chucks, but I've never worn them to school before.

Check out my sweet kicks.
 6.  February is always an incredibly busy month for me at school.  It's been even crazier than usual this year, with taking the GRE, applying for grad school, playing in two concerts, teaching my first two "real" yoga classes, and renovating the basement.  And yet, I don't feel particularly stressed.

7.  I will be SUPER happy after my period of insanity ends as of March 3.

8.  I'm stupidly excited to see "The Hunger Games" with my girls in March.  We're going to wear matching t-shirts.  It's going to be... dare I say it... epic. 

9.  Duff Man realized this week that if I take yoga classes when we go on vacation, I can write parts of the trip off as a business expense.  This means I'm "allowed"--and even encouraged--to do yoga on vacation.  WIN.

10.  I felt like a badass teacher for two reasons this week:  a) I made my 7th/8th graders do a (group) score study.  b) I re-read my concert/cadet band the story of one of the pieces they're playing and associated each part of the story with the music.  I almost cried while I was reading it--and they're really starting to express the music.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I love chucks and have several pair including a pair that I've had since high school. Nugget now has a growing collection herself!

  2. I'd even recommend some of the classic papers or surveys of classic papers as reading material over a general subject test.