Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Friday Facts

1.  Surefire way to kick my ass in Core Yoga: Put me at the front next to the instructor and tell them that I'll be teaching a core class on Monday.  I still hurt from Wednesday. 

2.  When I log into MindBodyOnline as a staff member, my main page shows a bar graph of client visits by month for the last three years.  Being obsessed with numbers as I am, I keep peeking to see if we're going to beat last year's numbers.  It shouldn't be a problem :)

3.  I am SO effing over the "What my _____ think I ____ " meme.

4.  I have an exciting weekend of catching up on errands planned.  I'm actually kind of excited--I really need to clean, send out a few packages, and hopefully cook up some fun stuff.

5.  I loved Dave Grohl's acceptance speech from the Grammy's last weekend.  I showed it to a few of my classes on Monday morning.

6.  I have a love/hate relationship with February snow.  If it snows, I either need a full day on Tuesday or for school to be closed.  A delay just won't do.

7.  The work to finish our basement begins on Monday.  I'm excited, but not looking forward to the construction noise on my day off.

8.  I have had zero willpower when it comes to healthy eating in the last month.

9.  I am in love with the salad I ate for lunch for three days this week: chopped romaine, baby spinach, tomatoes, English cucumber, avocado, grilled chicken, and homemade ranch dressing.  Yum!

10.  I'm going to teach TWO yoga classes next week! AAAAAHHHH!!!!