Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Friday Facts: Crazy Busy Happy Life Edition

1.  This weekend, I get to play on the stage at the new performing arts center at my alma mater.  I'm so excited!  (Even better is that one of my best girls is coming to see it too!  And Duff Man, of course.)

2.  I didn't check Facebook at all yesterday.  My Twitter feed on my phone showed I hadn't looked at it since Tuesday.

3.  I had some great post-rehearsal dinner conversation last night.  And it solidified my feelings that getting an admin degree is the right course for me.

4.  Because of yesterday's conversation, I've been listening to David Maslanka today.  (Currently on Symphony No. 4.)

5.  I have had a ridiculous amount of stuff on my plate this week--this  month, really--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

6.  As if I haven't had enough on my plate, I get to teach my first TWO yoga classes to real, paying clients later this month!  (I'll be subbing twice in the same week.)    

7.  I don't feel like I have the right to call myself a yoga teacher any more than someone who has just graduated college has the right to call themselves a teacher.  You become a teacher only with experience--which I don't have just yet.

8.  There's a blog I read who, while the person is very nice and well-intentioned, sometimes posts inaccurate information and I really want to send her a message to let her know.  But I also (for once) don't want to be an ass.

9.  This week has been kinda crappy and stressful, but it hasn't actually felt that way.

10.  I have the option of taking the GRE earlier than I had scheduled today, but I'm opting to go to yoga and study more first.  I like making plans and sticking to them.

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