Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together (aka: Three Things Thursday)

It may not always seem like it to Duff Man, but I'm a planner.  I need a clear idea of the big picture--and then the lists and checkboxes that will get us from Point A to Point B.  The checkboxes don't always look neat--in fact, my life is pretty messy sometimes--but I always have a clear picture of the end result in my head, and I know that the messy in-between is just part of the process.

Earlier this week, my eye was twitching for two days straight.  I honestly think that the biggest factor was stress and a lack of clarity in several areas of my life.  It's funny the difference that a few days makes; I've ironed out some big issues and suddenly the eye twitches have magically gone away!

Three Eye-Twitching Things Thursday:

1)  Yoga was stressing me out.  Not the actual practice (which I am thrilled to be able to do!), but the fact that I wasn't really sure of my place in the community.  I'm not a teacher, but I've got a key to the studio... I'd used all my classes up but wasn't sure whether I needed to buy a pass or not.  The one thing that was my salvation from myself had become seriously stressful--and I think that was a HUGE part of my twitch.  Fortunately, I've had some clarity on that front and all is well once more.  

2)  Duff Man had demo'd the basement without any real plan of how to put it all back together.  Okay, that's not entirely true.  His idea of plan was "well, it's easy.  You go from the outside in... plumbing, electrical, walls, etc..."  My idea of a plan is "We will hire A company to perform B task for $C.  Then Duff Man will complete task D with the aid of E.  We will then bring in F company to perform G task..." You get the idea.  Anyway, we got a few quotes from contractors and finally have a much firmer idea of what we're going to do with the basement--which makes both Duff Man and I happy (even if it makes our checkbook cry.)

3) Here's the big one.  I've been contemplating going back to school (again) for a while now.  I'd like to work towards a certification in Educational Administration & Supervision.  Because I already have a Master's degree, all I really need to do is complete 24 credits of coursework--but that would be silly because I could move another pay lane at 30 credits.  I've been debating the merits of two programs (one which would give me the certification and a second master's; the other which would give me the certification and a "specialist" degree--a degree which is higher than a Master's but lower than a Doctorate.)  I really wanted to do the latter, but thought it would be too expensive.  As luck would have it, the program I want to do appears to be the more affordable program--so in the midst of all of my district festival preparations, I'll also be taking the GRE and applying to grad school.  Again.  

It's a seriously good thing that the yoga studio can by my place of solace again.  I'm gonna need it.

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