Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Rowdy-versary!

Two years ago today, Duff Man & I  went to the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League, a no-kill shelter about an hour away from where we live, to meet a dog.  We were looking at getting a companion for our German short-haired pointer, Millie, since we had just put my childhood lab-boxer-dane mix, Dingo, to sleep at a ripe old age of 16.  

Millie & Dingo
We'd been browsing online when we came across "Slinky."  He was an emaciated charcoal grey greyhound-lab (?) mix who was tied up and left outside the shelter in the middle of the night two months earlier.   These were the photos of him that were posted on the shelter's website.  

This was his description: 

2 year old neutered male, 60 pounds. Some dogs come to RAWL and they are named and some dogs come to RAWL and they name themselves. Slinky picked his name by spending the first few weeks sadly slinking towards us. His named stayed the same but the meaning has changed. Now he is more like the toy. He is long and lean with a lot of spring in his ribs. Slinky wants to be loved and doted. His former life is slowly going in the past for him. He is now happy and playful and instead of slinking towards you he is happy to sit by you and enjoy affection.There isn't a person old or young that Slinky doesn't want to say hi to. Slinky loves other dogs, and to play ball.

Like most GSPs, Millie is high energy, VERY friendly, and extremely affectionate.  She's a great running dog, so we hoped that Slinky the Greyhound mix would be a good pair.

We loved Slinky as soon as we met him.  He got along very well with Millie.  The shelter said that we could take him home that same day--and so we did.

Now, Duff Man had already decided that he reeeeeeeealllllllyyyyyy wanted a dog named Rowdy.  And even though Slinky wasn't very rowdy, he didn't know his name anyway... so Slinky became Rowdy.

The day after we brought him home, we gave Slinky/Rowdy a bath... and it turns out that he wasn't really grey, he was black!  Then, later on, he stole and ate (with a little help from his new partner-in-crime) an entire loaf of Panera bread.  

And after a couple of months of fattening up... it turns out that we don't think he's a Greyhound mix after all.  He's more likely weimaraner/lab... but we'll probably never know for sure.

He also turned out to be a terrible runner.  He's much slower than Millie and is much more interested in chasing squirrels and birds.  

Antoine Dogson. Fur real.

He wasn't what we expected, but none of that matters.  We love our Rowdy and he loves us, and our lives wouldn't be the same without him.

Happy Rowdy-versary, puppy!  

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