Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday! The Weekend in Reverse

"Today I'm going to kick your ass, you're going to thank me, then you're going to go on with the rest of your day."  

That's how the instructor of the Prana Flow class I took this morning at Flow Yoga in DC opened class.  I have to say, I dug it.  It was my first time at Flow, and I really enjoyed the class--very flowy, with a good amount of differentiation and LOTS of sweat.  

What bothered me, though, were a few of the yogis around me who... how shall I say this... have a different view of studio etiquette than that to which I am accustomed.  (How's that for PC?)  TWO other yogis came into the studio and warmed up with iPods and headphones and listened to music while they warmed up before class.  Seriously, who does that?  The studio has always been an electronics-free zone for me and it seemed very bizarre that a) you'd WANT to bring canned music in with you and b) that it would be allowed.  Weird.  A third yogi was chewing gum, which the instructor realized about halfway through the class--so she made her spit it out so she didn't choke on it.  

Rewinding back to Sunday at my home studio, I started the morning off with my favorite Yin/Yoga II class combo.  After an excellent at the studio, I went home and did a LOT of laundry while Duff Man hammered and sanded and cussed and generally clanged around in the basement.  I ended the evening with an after dinner treat of wine, ice cream, and The Bodyguard on Amazon Prime.  Pretty excellent.

...and rewinding more...

Saturday morning heralded the debut of Yoga III at the studio.  I was really excited to take class, but my left hip was being really cranky (that's another post in itself), so I ended up being really frustrated.  The class was good, but my own personal physical and mental roadblocks made it less enjoyable than it should have been.  Boo.  I assisted class afterwards.

Saturday night, Duff Man & I went to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse with our friends, Dan & Shrinkadink Ninja, to celebrate Dan Ninja's 30th birthday.  The meat-fest was good, although our primary server was pretty smarmy and definitely not deserving of the built-in gratuity.  Ah well.  

Afterwards, we headed back to the Ninja's house so the boys could taste test whiskey.  I was afraid that the evening wasn't going to end well, but the boys showed restraint and maturity, except for whoever let out a massive fart and didn't own up to it.  Shrinkadink's carefully light pours didn't hurt anything either.  Duff Man & I stayed for a while and headed hope pretty late.

Despite his name, Remy isn't old enough to drink.
Finally,  back on Friday night Duff Man & I ran a few errands and went out to eat some Pho for dinner.  We found it hilarious that they gave us different sets of flatware.

I'll let you guess which set they gave to Duff Man and which one they gave to me.
On our way out, we stopped by to take a photo of a different restaurant in the same shopping center.  

I'll bet it ain't easy to being the Ho King.  

All of that to say that I had a great weekend filled with friends, good food, and yoga.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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