Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. It's been great to get back to yoga this week.  After my yoga-filled weekend, I took Monday off then went to Yoga II on Tuesday, Core Focus yesterday, and Yoga I today.  I'm definitely feeling a bit sore and out of shape thanks to the three weeks earlier this month during which I had a light yoga schedule.

2.  I'm still debating about grad school.  I already have a master's degree, but I'd like an administrator certificate.  The certificate itself is 27 credits--but I move over a pay lane at Master's + 30 and the degree is 33 credits.  So it makes sense to just do another degree right?  I'm debating between the UVA program--through which I could get an Ed.S. (a degree higher than a Master's but lower than a Doctorate), or whether I should go through GMU and get a second Master's.  UVA has a higher degree and more prestige, but GMU would be more affordable... which is important, thanks to the basement disaster.  I have about a month to figure out a plan--and to take the GRE so I can be admitted.

3.  I've been creative with my wardrobe this week.  Between donating clothes, clothes wearing out, clothes that don't fit because they're too baggy, and not having a washer/dryer connected, I've got a seriously limited wardrobe.  I desperately need to go shopping.  (Fortunately, we finally re-connected the washing machine--I just need to get around to doing all of the laundry that piled up last weekend.

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  1. If you do the GMU one will you regret in the future that you didn't get the higher degree, or are you pretty content in what you've accomplished and are looking at this more for the pay increase. Either way you have accomplished a commendable amount so it's more up to what your goal is. (I would go UVA for the higher degree ..but I am also still enrolled at NOVA with no degree.)