Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Friday Facts

1.  I'm proud of Duff Man.  He doesn't like to negotiate (he's an introvert and negotiation usually involves some type of confrontation), but he's learning.  Last week, he hired a plumber to snake out our kitchen sink and ended up paying $50 instead of the original $300 quote.  

2.  I pre-wrote four posts on Wednesday night, including most of this one.  It's a new personal record.

3.  I'm a big fan of Greek yogurt, but some of the recipes that Chobani posts on Twitter are just disgusting.  Yogurt Guacamole?  Blech.

4.  All of the talk of SOPA and PIPA this week made me think of sopapillas.  And then I had a vision of a hoarde of evil desserts trying to take over the internets.

How could these pillowy pockets of cinnamon-sugar goodness be plotting to censor the interwebz?
5.  Speaking of evil desserts, I wanted something sweet on Tuesday night so I made devil's food cupcakes.  I used shortening instead of butter (which is what the recipe called for).  They were good, but not great.  I get why Paula Deen always uses real butter and sugar.

6.  I have decided that cupcakes fall into the same category as pizza and sex.  Even when they're bad, they're still pretty good.

7.  Photos of my puppies also fall into this category.

8.  I use technology for most everything, but I am most efficient when I keep a paper to-do list on a yellow legal pad.  And yet, I haven't kept a paper to-do list in months.  

9.  I still regularly use a typewriter.

10.  Sometimes I play out entire conversations with other people in my head--which is silly, because you never really know how someone is going to react to something.  It's bad because sometimes I let those perceived reactions affect how I approach a situation.

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