Monday, January 23, 2012

A Fun Yoga-Filled Weekend!

For the first time in... well, in way too long, I spent the weekend doing yoga.

After school on Friday, I went over to the new yoga studio to help finish the little details before the staff meeting at 6:30.  The contractors were still furiously working to finish when I got there, and I helped do little things like putting the props away, decorating the large studio, and anything else that needed to be done.  It was fun seeing the staff again, and we had a great time christening the space with a light practice.  We ended up ordering food and working until late into the night to get everything together.  By the time I left it was well past midnight and the roads were slick and icy.  

My friend K picked me up early Saturday morning to head back to the studio for the Grand Re-Opening celebration: a mala practice!  A mala practice is a ritual practice which usually consists of 108 sun salutations.  It takes about 2 hours and, physically, it's pretty brutal.  Knowing that I had a long day ahead, I modified a lot of the repetitions--but it still took its toll!

Afterwards, K and I headed to Tranquil Space in DC for an a five-hour Advanced Assisting Workshop with Alanna Kaivalya.  Alanna is an energetic yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and co-author of one of my favorite yoga books, Myths of the Asanas.

"Myths of the Asanas" tells the stories behind many of the most common yoga poses--a fun and fascinating read!
I had a great time at the workshop.  We talked about appropriate ways to assist clients and how to build (and maintain) their trust, and we also went through assists for many poses--including even more sun salutations.  What was especially great about the way were taught assists was that Alanna worked with a physical therapist to develop assists that were helpful to the client but also safe for her.  She would adjust the yogi's pose while the therapist adjusted her hold.  

After the workshop, I headed back home to change and head to a party hosted by one of my teacher training classmates.  Even thought Duff Man and I only knew S and her husband, we had a great time.  I started talking with one of S's friends... who, it turns out, also went to JMU and marched in the MRD's.  Even though we went to school four years apart, it turns out that we had some mutual friends.  Earlier in the day, I ran into someone at the training who knew one of my colleagues at school.  It's funny how small the world is sometimes.

On Sunday, K and I--both still feeling the after-effects of Saturday's mala--headed back to Tranquil Space for three more hours of assisting training.  We're hoping to get together some time this week to practice and refine the assists we learn.  Eight hours is simply not enough to really perfect everything we learned!  

I spent the rest of Sunday downing Advil, watching TV, grocery shopping, and listening to Duff Man demo the basement living area and guest room.  At the moment, he's demoing the basement bathroom and laundry room.  I'll post pics of those disasters in a couple of days.

How was your weekend?  Did you learn anything, do anything fun, or destroy anything?


  1. Dude how are you holding up after Mala?! Surprisingly I felt OK on Sunday but then had bizarre-o late onset hamstring rage today... Weird!

    1. Padma & I have had many conversations about the 2nd day yoga-induced DOMS. We tend to find that the second day after a hard practice hurts more than the first--so finding that your hamstrings hurt today shouldn't be too surprising :)

      The assisting workshop probably worked out some of my kinks, so I was more sore yesterday than today. My arms hurt some (duh!), but I felt it in my hamstrings and my left glutes more than anything else. That said, the last assists we did yesterday were for paschimottanasana and my hamstrings felt MUCH better afterwards!