Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday: Dear Universe, I don't understand your message...

Last week, I posted Before & After photos of our basement demolition.  

Unfortunately, the post was a bit premature.  While I was off rockin' some serious yoga this past weekend, Duff Man took a hammer to our basement.  You see, once we pulled off the drywall in order to install the much-needed basement waterproofing system we realized that neither the guest bedroom nor the living area had been framed and insulated--they basically had drywall glued and tacked to the concrete block.  Even better, whoever "finished" the basement punched holes in the concrete block of the foundation to run outlets--and there was even a spot where we could look through the blocks and see outside.  We're fortunate that we didn't get any critters living (or worse, dying) in our walls.

Here are the (I think) final "After" demo pictures.  

Guest Bedroom

Living Area (JMU Room)

Skipping steps like covering our furniture (and other belongings) before demo'ing drywall
is one of the big things that scares me about this project.

Bathroom/Laundry Room... now combined!

These pipes will get ripped out and moved... we just don't know how to do it yet.

Ditto to the vanity in the far left corner--it's going buh-bye (it's seriously gross) but
we don't know how to disconnect the water.
Now that you've had a chance to admire the destruction I've got going on at home, check out the most awesome thing I found out at work today.

[after a little back story, that is.]

This is a photo of the trophy shelf in my band room:

The trophies used to live in the main hallway of the school--until this past summer when the administration decided to move the trophy cases around and sent my trophies to my room.  Back in August, I asked my facility director to install a shelf in my band room to display the band bling.  It was finally installed last week.

This is a photo of the ceiling above my percussion shelves in my storage room:

See those streaks?  Yeah, I'll bet you can see where this is headed.

Because of water damage at my school (!?!), some time in the next two weeks my percussion shelves are going to be removed, the entire back wall of my storage room is going to be ripped out, my BRAND NEW trophy shelf is going to be taken down, and a hole will be cut going from the floor to the ceiling of my classroom so the contractors can take a look at what's going on behind the walls.  

Basically, even work isn't going to be a sanctuary from the water-induced construction in my life.

Dear Universe:

I don't understand your message.  I knew what to do with the last two-by-four you hit me with... but this one?  I'm at a loss.  There's a lot of basement flooding and demolition in my life.  What's your message?  What am I supposed to do with all of this water and rubble?  

You don't have to leave a blog comment, but an email or a text or a tweet with some guidance would be great.  

Still grateful but just a little confused,


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  1. If I were religious I would think that it might be time for you to build an ark.