Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Last night was my Winter Concert.  It was one of those Murphy's Law scenarios: Our theatre is under construction right now, so it had to be at another school.  I was supposed to have had three buses, but only two showed up... it was pouring rain and we had to rearrange all of the students and equipment; Duff Man called me and told me the basement was flooding yet again. Everything ran 15 minutes late.  BUT... in the end it was a nice evening.  My students performed well and I was really proud of them.  (And REALLY thankful for the other school and their band director who were willing to host us!)

2.  The up side of having a flooded basement is that I had an excuse to purchase some really cute wellies... which I'm using to clean up the flood today.

3.  I get to teach my first yoga class to the public this weekend and I'm SUPER excited!

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