Monday, October 3, 2011

Tri-M: Market-Menu-Monday

Hm.  I'm not sure I like that title, but I do like alliteration.  Tune in next week to see if it stays!

Now that I'm finally into a regular (if somewhat insane and unrelenting) schedule, Duff Man and I have fallen back into our usual Sunday routine--planning our weekly menu and going grocery shopping.  

Our process generally looks something like this: Duff Man adds all of his breakfast/lunch/snack necessities to the shopping list while I take stock of the proteins/produce we have in the pantry.  For a long time, we used to use the Safeway circular and try to match what we had on hand with what was on sale this week.  However, for the past few weeks I've been trying to transition to shopping at Trader Joe's after realizing it's pretty much the same price as the local Safeway--so lately we've been trying to match up what we have on hand with what is fresh, seasonal, and available.

We started at the farmer's market, which has been a regular Sunday morning stop of mine since early this summer.  Here was my haul for the weekend:

Pumpkin, Parsley, Cilantro, Red Pepper, Cubanelle Peppers, Banana Pepper,
Spinach, Tomatoes, Basil, Fuji Apples, and Pork Loin Slices
Side note: The pumpkin I've posted here is the 6th pumpkin of the season for us.  The first went into Granny's Pumpkin Pie.  The next four are (mostly) going into the Pumpkin Ale that Duff Man is brewing today.  A little of the second batch went into the Pumpkin Pasta with Sausage, Sage, and Mushrooms that we had for dinner last night--and which I'll be taking for lunch all this week.  I'll try to post that recipe later this week--it's one of my favorite recipes EVER.

Duff Man was less than thrilled by our experience shopping al fresco--considering he has a bit of a cold and it was about 48°F out while we were out.  Brrr!  (Note: remember I said that 48°F was chilly when I'm complaining about the real cold weather in January.)  Oh, and he was shopping and not even doing it on his own terms.

After the farmer's market, we hit up Trader Joe's and came home with our haul.  Here's are the meals on our menu this week:

Sunday: Egg Drop Soup with Pork Potstickers
Monday:  Pork Chops with Stone Fruit Chutney and Spinach-Herb Couscous (I'll be making this one up as I go along.)
Tuesday:  Aussie Meat Pies, Made Quick (using pie crust instead of puff pastry)
Wednesday:  Chicken Sausages with Braised Fennel (and probably potato for Duff Man)
Thursday: Fend for ourselves (I've got a football game.)
Friday:  Chiles Rellenos (Like Monday, I'll make this up as I go along.)  
Saturday:  ??!  I don't know--I FINALLY have a Saturday off!

I hope everyone has an exciting and delicious week ahead!

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