Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today was a good day.

The last couple of weeks have been hard.  The start of the school year is always rushed, but this year just seemed overwhelming--with marching band, yoga teacher training, and that pesky flooded basement.  I haven't had a real weekend since late August, so I'm pretty tired at this point.

Today was a good day--and I needed to have a good day.

I had a meeting I'd been dreading anticipating for a while yesterday--it's over and done with and I can move forward.  It was nice to have that weight lifted off of my shoulders today.

I finally replaced the decal on my car so I won't get a ticket for not having paid my personal property tax.

My kids were (overall) pretty productive today.  

I called the restoration company and got them to knock $1,500 off our bill (about 25% of the total cost.)

I held a meeting with my colleagues from the other secondary schools across the county.  In addition to being productive, it's always nice to network with other people who do the same thing that you do every day.

Then I came home and made an amazing dinner and have spent the rest of the evening sitting on the couch with Duff Man and watching episodes of No Reservations on Netflix.

Yeah, today was a good day.

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