Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunshine and Friends and Yoga and Happiness

Despite my post yesterday, it hasn't been all work and no play around here.  

A little over a week ago, my beautiful, glorious, long-awaited first free weekend since I went insane and thought I could hold a full-time (and then some) job, work marching band, and go through yoga teacher training  August finally arrived.  No teacher training, no football games, no competitions, NOTHING.  And on top of that, the weather was gorgeous.

And it was everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be.

On Friday night, Duff Man and I went to dinner at  Carlyle in Shirlington.  I had two girly martinis, firecracker shrimp, and crab cakes while Duff Man enjoyed lobster bisque and a cheeseburger.  (Hey, the boy knows what he likes.)  

On Saturday, I got to spend some time practicing on my mat, for myself, not as a teacher trainee and then spent the rest of the afternoon putting the basement back together after the basement disaster--specifically, washing all of the bedding and reassembling the guest room, and finally putting all of the books back on the bookshelf in Duff Man's office.  Everything is FINALLY out of boxes down there.  

Saturday night, my girl tswimmwer came to town with her boyfriend, C.  Duff Man and our guests were all running the Army Ten-Miler on Sunday morning.  We decided to go out for Italian so that the three of them could devour some tasty carbs and ended up at Argia's in Falls Church.  I've wanted to try it out for a while and WOW, do I wish I had eaten there sooner!  The food was amazing and reasonably priced.  We enjoyed fresh, homemade pasta and teeny bottles of the house sparkling wine and joked and laughed for hours.  Then everyone else went to bed so they could get up at o'dark hundred for the race in the morning.  

On Sunday morning, while Duff Man, tswimmwer and C were off at the race I spent even MORE time on my mat--this time taking two classes, yin and mixed level.  Mixed level was very cool, since the class focused on poses that progressively awakened each chakra.  The rest of the crew got home just a little before I did, so we all cleaned up and headed back to Carlyle for brunch.  

Seriously, if you've never had brunch at Carlyle, GO.  I don't even like potatoes and their breakfast potatoes are amazing (as is the french toast, and pretty much everything else on the menu.)  

After tswimmwer and C headed home, Duff Man and I went to the Arlington Cinema 'n Drafthouse to use up a Groupon that he bought a while ago.  We ate dinner (meh) and saw Bridesmaids (hilarious!).  

I have to say, I loved Bridesmaids.  It was funny, unexpectedly poignant, and surprisingly "deep" in a way that really hit home for me.  I've hit rock bottom and "learned to fight for my shitty life."  I've struggled with the way relationships with my girls grow and change.   "The Hangover" it was not, but it's definitely a new favorite and I'll be buying it on DVD pretty soon.

Even though I had to work on Monday, we "Cap"'d off a perfect weekend by heading to Verizon Center to watch the Washington Capitals take on the Tampa Bay Lightning.  It was a really exciting game--Tomas Voukoun's DC premiere, two high-scoring offenses, and a Caps win in a shoot-out.  On top of that, we had fantastic seats (thanks to the tickets I won in a raffle!) AND we made it from our seats back to my living room in less than 30 minutes after the game.  

All of that to say... I really, really needed this kind of refreshing, sleep-filled, yoga-filled, friend-filled, food-filled, fun-filled, sunshine-filled, yoga-filled, atman-shining, fabulous weekend.  I hope my next one isn't too far off.

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