Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Wrap, September Goals

August is DONE and September (along with it's glorious weather!) is here.  It's time for me to wrap up my August goals!  

August Goals:

  • Continue to work towards 2011 goal of 10+ workouts/month, every month - CHECK.  As of this month, I've doubled the total number of workouts from 2010 and will probably double my 2011 goal in September.  
  • Bike the two miles to band camp for a minimum of 6 (out of 10) days. - CHECK.  I made it to band camp on my bike 6 days (although had to be picked up by Duff Man one day, since it was too dark to ride home.)  I also bought lights for the front and back of my bike, so you can just call me Night Rider.  (heh.  I kill me.)  I actually probably would have ridden once or twice more, except weather conditions prevented it.  
  • Maintain my regular yoga practice (5 days/week) by supplementing regular classes with home practice as necessary.  Which means that I should probably start working on that for this week... - SORTA.  Technically, I had pretty much missed this goal the week I wrote it (since I was on vacation and only made it to yoga three times--July 31, once in Asheville, NC, and one personal practice at our resort.  But it was also kind of a false goal since my overall plan since I started tracking was just to get ACTIVE--which I have done an average of 5 times per week.  The line is also a little fuzzy because I started yoga teacher training last weekend.  However, if  I consider that the intention of the goal was to continue to advance my practice, I think I get a solid CHECK.  
This is what August looked like according to my SparkPeople Calendar and my magical spreadsheet:

I think, physically, August was a resounding success.  I was very active, and it capped off an awesome summer.  In the time between the end of my teaching contract for the last school year and the start of my contract for this year, I was physically inactive for a total of 4 days.  WOW.  There's a statement I never thought I would make!

Because I feel pretty solid about my level of physical activity (and am sure I will maintain it), my September goals are going to be about balancing other parts of my life:

September Goals:
  • GET MORE SLEEP.  I'm notoriously nocturnal, which often ends up with me falling asleep on the couch late in the night and having a hard time waking up in the morning.  My goal is to go to bed by 11:00pm 4 days a week (when I have school the next day, that is.)  This is going to be a serious challenge for me!
  • Eat breakfast and lunch 4 of 5 days per week.  It might seem silly, but when I'm stressed out I forget to eat--which leads to an energy crash, irritability, and all kinds of no-good nonsense.  
  • Make time in the schedule for quality time with Duff Man.  We've already talked about "reserving" Mondays & Wednesdays for each other, since we both have outside commitments on the other days.  
  • Continue making progress towards my goal of 10 workouts a month, every month.  This one should be a "gimme."
How was your August?  Do you have any September goals?  
(If you post a link to your September goals blog post in my comments, I'll link it here!) 

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