Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap: Irene & Om Guru Deva

You may have heard that the DC area had some bad weather this week.  Duff Man & I stocked up and hunkered down with the pups on Saturday night.

Because you can never have too much water, tp, or super foods during a hurricane.
My emergency radio didn't work, so I dug up this bad boy.  It's my walkman from 5th grade, and I was so high tech that it had both a radio AND an external speaker on it--so my friends and I could jam out to Richard Marx and Whitney Houston cassettes together.  (Yes, I realize I was a total nerd.  Still am, TYVM.)
"Hold on to the night... hold on to the memories!"
I was stupid excited that ARLnow retweeted the photo I took as I drove by the Drafthouse to their followers.  (Yes, I know I'm lame AND dorky.)

After all of that, we (thankfully) were fine.  Duff Man had to bail out the french drain at the bottom of the steps to our basement a couple of times, but other than that we came out unscathed.  No property damage, no flooding in the basement, no power outages.  As far as I know, my friends and family escaped with minor issues (power outages and minor water damage.)  This could have been a lot worse, so I'm grateful that any damage was relatively minor.

Meanwhile... when I wasn't hunkered down waiting out the storm, I spent most of the weekend at the yoga studio.  As you will recall, last week I the universe came to the conclusion that the yoga teacher training I so desperately wanted was actually within my reach.  So after thinking about it on Wednesday and talking about it on Thursday, I started on Friday.  

In short: It was amazing and it feels totally right.  But even though I'm comfortable with the teaching aspect, teaching a subject with which I am not 100% confident is really, really hard.  And we only practice taught a very short sequence of four poses this week--tadasana (mountain), utthita tadasana (extended mountain), utkatasana (chair), and uttasana (standing forward bend.)  On top of that, we also started learning about anatomy and the musculo-skeletal system AND talked a bit about yoga and teaching philosophy.  My brain is FULL and I'm loving every minute of it!  

We started the first session (and have ended each of the 3 sessions so far) with the chant:

Om Guru Om Guru Deva Deva
Aja Ki Jai Ananda Ki Jai

The first line invokes the spirit of the teacher within.  The second says "I have so much left to learn."

In addition to being a fitting way to start teacher training, it's helped me get more excited about the upcoming school year.  I start back to work with teacher planning & in-services this week.  My goal is to be organized and efficient so I can kick the school year off right.

I hope you, dear reader, had an uneventful weekend weather-wise and have an exciting week ahead!

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